Partner, Head of the Netherlands

Since the start of his professional career, Talip Sigircikoglu has gained broad experience in provision of legal and finance services. He has strong developed skills in the field of coordinating processes, management, coaching as well in business development. His skills enable him to respond in a sharp and analytical way to legal, financial, fiscal and organizational issues. His working attitude can be described as hardworking, passionate, persistent and dedicated with a strong work ethic as driven to accomplish personal- and business goals.

After graduating from university in 2002, Talip started his career at an international financial corporation where he held several financial positions. One of his main responsibilities was the business control of a subdivision, which consisted of 16 departments and had an annual budget of EUR 300 million. The aim was to facilitate and provide the top management with financial information and advices, which were of strategic importance for making certain (policy) decisions.

After a constructive period of more than 5 year , Talip decided to proceed his career in 2007 at a company which is a Dutch corporate service provider to international companies establishing a Dutch legal entity in the Netherlands for economic reasons.

As a Senior Team Manager (Legal & Finance) and General Proxy Holder, Talip built a large part of his portfolio independently and headed a team of professionals to keep his portfolio in good standing.

Talip is experienced in coordinating and managing the processes of the entire lifecycle of Dutch legal entities, which are a part of international companies. This also includes: setting-up entities, cross-border mergers, share sales, investments, liquidations. Talip is also experienced in coordinating the process of star-up operational entities in the Netherlands.

Talip is specialized in relieving international clients by securing the good standing of their Dutch legal entities through a timely and a proper fulfilment of all legal obligations (incl. filing obligations, tax obligations, financial obligations).

Talip was born and raised in the Netherlands.