Customs and Foreign Trade

Liabilities of companies engaged in foreign trade transactions do not end with the completion of import and export processes. Authorised economic operator status and documentation to protect this status, post clearance audit, sectoral customs audits, customs lawsuits regarding customs disputes, additional customs duties and customs fines, operational activities of importers and exporters regarding customs, and foreign trade transactions require taxpayers conducting foreign trade operations to receive legal consultancy services in customs and foreign trade.

However, foreign trade and customs is getting riskier due to new and complicated regulations. Missing the opportunity to minimise the costs because of new regulations has negative effects on entities and their operations. Within this scope, we offer legal advisory services to deal with potential problems and risks to our clients.

As NAZALI we eliminate your risks related to customs and foreign trade legislation and its practises and provide legal services mentioned below in the field of customs and foreign trade regulations.

Customs and Foreign Trade Advisory Services

  • Devise legal memorandums and/or opinion concerning customs and foreign trade legislation
  • Comment on customs and foreign trade practises
  • Analyse customs and foreign trade procedures
  • Provide updates on customs and foreign trade legislation
  • Analyse foreign trade operations in view of customs legislation
  • Control of benefits of existing and/or potential preferential tariffs considering foreign trade structure
  • Set up a customs efficient supply chain process

Customs Due Diligence Services

  • Examine contracts signed with foreign suppliers under the frame of customs law
  • Check financial and accounting records related to foreign trade transactions
  • Check all money transfers sent abroad in terms of customs liabilities
  • Analyse status of royalty and licence fees as per customs value regulations
  • Control of operations of customs regimes with economic impact
  • Audit of customs declarations to confirm whether they are in compliance with firm’s records
  • Provide exceptional customs value implementation
  • Deal with customs aspects of transfer pricing policies

Customs Disputes Process Management Services

  • Compose of objection petitions for customs fines and accruals
  • Compose of complaints for customs penalties for court stage
  • Follow legal procedures during customs disputes
  • Resolve customs disputes at administrative stage
  • Represent companies at the customs reconciliation process at customs administrations
  • Conduct customs litigations at jurisdiction stage

Post Clearance Customs Audit Consultancy Services

  • Represent companies at the Ministry of Customs and Trade during post clearance audit
  • Assist companies concerning documentation process within scope of post clearance audit
  • Identify customs violations within the scope of customs audit and prepare allegations against criticized points detected by the Customs Inspectors
  • Ensure that firms are ready for any scheduled or unplanned customs audit by applying customs check-up programs

Customs and Foreign Trade Training Programs Services

  • Design customs and foreign trade training programs based on needs of in-house professionals of firms

Customs and Foreign Trade Training Programs Services

Design customs and foreign trade training programs based on needs of in-house professionals of firms