Social Security and Labor Law

Social Security Law can briefly be defined as the management of relations between employer, employee and Social Security Institution under a legal platform. In this platform, for the purpose of realization, maintenance and control of recruitment process, Social Security Institution renews and changes regulations in accordance with the requirements of changing conditions. Both Social Security Institution and law-maker choose to renew the regulations and other procedures frequently since Social Security Law is open to improvements and reforms.

Frequent changes in Social Security Law require to be performed by experts in terms of follow-ups and compliance.

As NAZALI, we provide professional services, by giving active and legal support on all of our clients’ transactions with Social Security Institution, regarding the formation and continuation of organizational unity such as recruitment and redundancy, timely and quantitative follow up of all premiums to be paid to SSI, acquisition of legal advantages as a result of close monitoring on Social Security and Labor Law regulations.

Our services within this scope are as follows:

• Continuous Advisory Service Related to Social Security Law
• Audit and Reporting of Subcontractor’s Compliance with Social Security Regulations
• Advisory Services during Reclamation Process Related to Administrative Fines and Premium Differences
• Providing Support and Consultancy Services in All Processes Related To Commercial Register And Relevant Documentation
• Visiting the Clients and Giving Broader Support
• Determination of Incentives That Can Be Benefited By the Clients as per Social Security Regulations
• Making the Necessary Arrangements Related To Incentives That Can Be Utilized
• Determination of the Employees That Can Utilize From The Incentives as a Result of System Scan and Preparation of Additional Cancellation Statements for Relevant Months
• Preparing Petitions to be Submitted to SSI Related To Statements
• Application for Relevant Incentive and Process Follow-up
• Controlling the Previous Statements Submitted by Clients
• Providing All Necessary Legal Support and Advisory for Transactions which are Submitted to the Court.
• Management of Litigation Processes Within This Scope
• Active Follow-up and Management of All Legal Processes for the Cases That Are Submitted to Civil and Administrative Tribunals.
• Giving Legal Expert Opinion for Case Files to Which We Are Not a Party.
• Other Relevant Services Regarding the Processes Which Are Related To Social Security Institution and Civil/Administrative Jurisdiction
• Establishment of Employer-Employee Relation and Ensuring its Continuation, Providing Legal Support and Comprehensive Advisory Service at This Stage
• Evaluation on Legal Aspect of Recruitment Processes, Preparation and Revision of Employment Contracts
• Legal Control on Prepared Contracts
• Auditing the Information and Documentation Related to Established Employment Relations and Provision of Legal Consultancy to Eliminate the Deficiencies
• Auditing of Employee’s Personnel Files and Ensuring Their Compliance with Regulations
• Auditing the Internal Regulations of Corporations, Elimination of Deficiencies and Their Compliance with Regulations
• Management of Annulments Regarding Employment Relations and Providing Consultancy within This Scope