Premium Pension Consultancy Services

NAZALI offers legal defence and consultancy services to many national and international clients with its experienced and dependable staff. The basic philosophy of NAZALI is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive service in a timely manner based on trust. We believe in long term relationship with our clients and in this context, we started to offer Premium Retirement Consultancy Service.


With the Social Security Institution Law numbered 5502, the legal entities of Emekli Sandığı, Bağ-Kur and Social Insurance Institution ended, and these institutions are now unified under one roof titled Social Security Institution. Social Security and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510 entered into force on October 1, 2008, and a new period in social security began. Changes in the pension transactions are quite extensive and detailed.


Pre-determining and drafting retirement planning and acting accordingly, avoiding premium losses due to service conflicts, determining the appropriate domestic and international borrowing period and amount, determining the insurance status of shareholders of capital companies are vital points to consider in terms of receiving high retirement pensions. Receiving the highest pension by paying affordable premiums requires good planning. As NAZALI, we provide professional support to all our employers and policyholders with our expert staff who worked in allocation issues for many years at the Social Security Institution as auditors. We offer the most appropriate pension choice in line with constantly changing and updated allocation legislation and conditions


Services we provide within the scope of Premium Pension Consultancy Services:

Work Accident and Occupational Disease Procedures

  • Continuous incapacity to work pension and death income affiliation process
  • Integration of services in work accident and occupational diseases
  • Transactions concerning dismissal of continuous job disqualification

Invalidity Consideration Process

  • Invalidity pension application
  • Invalidity salvage cut-off and restart operations
  • Control inspection procedures

Old-age Pension Procedures

  • Old-age pension application
  • Old-age pension cut-off and restart operations
  • Determination of whether the conditions of gratification have not occurred after the salary is affected and salary restart operations
  • Suspension and restart of salary of employees whose employment contracts are terminated and Reinstated by a court decision

Survivor’s Pension Processes

  • Survivor’s pension application
  • Procedures for sharing survivor’s pension to rightsholders
  • Transactions for granting marriage and funeral allowance
  • Cut-Off, restarting and status changes procedures
  • Invalidity, old-age, and survivor’s pension calculation procedure
  • Income and pension merger procedures
  • Old-age and survivor’s pension lumpsum payments
  • Reclaim procedures of survivor’s pension and old age lumpsum payments

Social Security Support Premium Transactions

  • Social security support primary application and cut-off follow-up
  • Detection and evaluation of judicial payments

Transactions Related to Agricultural Insurances

  • Procedures for the application of invalidity, old age, and survivor’s pension of insurances subject to Laws No: 2925 and 2926

Overseas Insurance Procedures

  • Pension foreign borrowing transactions employees in countries with signed social security agreements

Domestic Borrowing and Service Combination Procedures

  • Birth or maternity leave transactions
  • Borrowing procedures for private reserve officers
  • Borrowing procedures for law internship, Ph.D., and specialized study periods
  • Borrowing procedures for strike and lockouts

Domestic Service Combinations

  • Consolidation procedures for different domestic insurance status

Procedures Subject to Law 2022

  • Disabled pension and disabled salary application procedures and disabled relative pension transactions