Manager, HR Incentives Department

Kerem Korkmaz has been working as an ISKUR Incentive Consultant for more than seven years, and has knowledge and experience in the field of human resources recruitment through active labor services legislation and practices.

Kerem Korkmaz specializes in incentives for on-the-job training, incentives for vocational training courses, cooperation protocols and incentive follow-up. In this context, on-the-job training programs (IEP), vocational training courses (MEK), vocational training and skill development cooperation protocol (MEGIP) in many different professions for companies operating in different sectors such as health, merchandising, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and aviation, especially the retail sector. He has a lot of knowledge and experience in many fields such as.

After completing her undergraduate education in 2014, he joined Human Resources Consultant in the period before joining NAZALI and worked as an Incentive Specialist in a company that also operates as a private employment office.

He is currently working as an incentive consultant in the private sector.