Fiscal Incentives and Consultancy Services

The government provides incentives and support to SMEs, exporters, entrepreneurs, and new investors with different programs in various field, contributing to the development economy and companies.

NAZALI provides support at all stages of following services to your company taking into of your activities and investments.

1. Export Incentives
•    Branding and Turquality Support
•    International Competitiveness Enhancement Support
•    Educational Support
•    Market Research and Bazaar Entry Support
•    Design Support
•    Overseas Unit, Brand and Promotion Support
•    Processing Permission Certificate (DİİB)
•    Exclusion Processing Permit (HİİB)
•    Tax, Painting, Fee Exemption Certificate
•    Export Aid Benefits in Agricultural Products
•    Employment Support
•    Support for Environmental Costs
•    Information Sector Supports
•    Participation Support to Foreign Exhibitions

2. Service Sector Incentives
•    Foreign Currency Making Service Trade Support
•    State Aid Support for Technical Consultancy Services

3. Investment Incentives
•    General Incentive Application
•    Regional Encouragement Practice
•    Promotion of Large Scale Investments
•    Promotion of Strategic Investments
•    Promotion of Project Based Investments

4. Tourism Incentives
•    Incentives provided by tourism promotion law no 2634
•    Real Estate Tax Exemption
•    Support for Participation to International Fair

5.Tubitak Incentives
•    Industrial Incentives
•    Entrepreneurship Incentives

6.EU Programs
•    Competitiveness Program for Enterprises and SMEs: COSME
•    Research and Innovation Framework Program: Horizon 2020
•    Supporting Agricultural and Rural Development: IPARD Program

7. Eximbank Loans

Short Term Export Credits

Medium-Long Term Credits

Foreign Currency Earning Services Credits

Rediscount Credit.

Export-oriented Business Capital Kr.

Tourism Credit

Export Credit Before Shipment.

Investing Loan for Export

International Transportation Marketing Credit

Export Prepared Credit.

Brand Credit

Overseas Contracting Service.

Foreign Trade Companies Export Credit.

European Investment Bank Loan

Overseas Contracting Service. Bridge Credit

SME Preparation for Extracurricular Credit.

Overseas Investments Investment Loan

Currency Making Service Loan

Rediscount Credit After Shipment.

Special Export Credits

International Fair Participation Loan

Export Turning Production Fin. The credit.

Shipbuilding and Export Finance Prog.



8. KOSGEB Incentives
•    SME Project Support Program
•    Thematic Project Support Program
•    Emerging Business Market SME Support Program
•    AR-GE, Innovation and Industrial Application Support Program
•    Entrepreneurship Support Program
•    General Support Program
•    Cooperation Force Union Support Program
•    Loan Interest Support
•    Laboratory Services
•    KOBIGEL SME Development Support Program
•    TEKNOPAZAR – Technological Product Promotion and Marketing Support Program
•    International Accelerator Support Program

9.Other Consultancy Services
•    Work Permits for Foreign Personnel
•    Tourism Investment Certificate and Tourism Management Certificate
•    Green Star Certificate
•    ÇED(EIA) Certificate
•    Industry Registration Certificate and Capacity Report
•    Import Permits
•    Trademark, Patent, Design Registration Documents