Çağdaş GÜREN

Co-Managing Partner Social Security Legal Partner SSI Consultant, F. SSI Inspector

Based on his experience, Çağdaş Güren specializes in Social Security and Labour Law Audits. Working for 6 years as an Auditor at the Social Security Institution, Çağdaş Güren has carried out numerous examinations, audits and investigations and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

After completing his undergraduate education, working in the Social Security Institution; Güren gained experience in determining the incentives available to taxpayers within the scope of social security legislation, checking the past declarations, making the necessary preparations and related incentive applications regarding the incentives that can be benefited from and following mentioned process.

Çağdaş Güren has extensive experience in providing consultancy services on additional employment incentives granted to employers within the scope of social security legislation and determining whether companies may benefit from SSI incentives by retrospectively checking SSI declarations.

Since 2014, Güren has been providing consultancy and audit consultancy services; for social security law, audits performed by taxpayers by SSI, all possible problems within the scope of social security legislation. Çağdaş Güren continues to work on practical application through trainings such as risk control in the field of social security.