Çağdaş GÜREN

Co-Managing Partner Social Security Legal Partner SSI Consultant, F. SSI Inspector

Çağdaş Güren, who is a partner of our office at the area of social security and labor law, is an expert in social security and labor law audits.
He has worked as an inspector under Social Security Institution from the year of 2008 to the end of 2014. He has conducted many inspections, audits and investigations and he has a considerable knowledge and experience in his area.
He was born in Ayvalık in 1979. He has graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Public Administration department.
In the scope of social security legislation, he has extensive experience both on theoretical and practical aspects of identifying incentives that taxpayers can benefit, supervising taxpayer’s previous years’ declarations, performing the required preparations regarding the incentives that can be benefited, making the related application and following up the process.
Çağdaş Güren also has an extensive experience in the audits conducted within the clients by Social Security Institution (“SSI”) and audit consulting provided to taxpayers regarding possible problems that can be occurred within the scope of Social Security Legislation.
Güren has also provided risk audit training and he is currently working on practical actions in the scope of social security.
Çağdaş Güren has an extensive experience in providing consultancy with respect to additional employment incentives provided to companies within the scope of Law numbered 6111 and determining whether the companies can benefit from the SSI incentives by reviewing the SSI declarations retrospectively.
Çağdaş Güren is married and father of two children.