Zehra Kesgin, specializes in tax audit, accounting audit and tax consultancy. She has knowledge and experience on financial legislation and tax legislation practices of companies operating in the  Energy, Mining, construction, Food, Textile, International Shipping and Transportation, Chemical, Agriculture-Farming, Port Servises and Sea ​​Transport sectors.

After completing her undergraduate education in 1995, she took an active role in the establishment and development of financial accounting and cost accounting organizations, with the actual maintenance of accounting and tax practices in the financial units of various corporate companies in İzmir between 1995 and 2002. She started her business life in İstanbul in 2002 and worked in the tax department of an international auditing company. In this process, she worked on full certification audits of some corporate companies and company groups in İstanbul, Bursa and Edirne, various special purpose accounting and tax audits and Due Diligence studies. In addition to auditing activities, she also carried out the tax consultancy duties with the improvement and restructuring studies of the companies in the fields of accounting and tax. In 2010, she moved her business life back to İzmir and provided tax audit and tax consultancy services to other and group companies in a well-established audit company in İzmir.

She has been working as a Tax Manager at Nazalı since 2018.

She has a Certified Public Accountant Certificate, Capital Markets Board of Turkey Independent Audit License, Public Oversight Accounting And Auditing Standards Authority Independent Auditor licenses.