Director, Head of Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark Attorney

Yeşim Metin specializes in intellectual property. She has gained extensive experience and expertise in the preparation of many patent specifications, especially in food, chemistry, medicine, agriculture, air conditioning and various service sectors, in all transactions made before TÜRKPATENT, in plant breeder right applications, and customs protection applications.

After completing her undergraduate education in 2000, she worked as a food engineer in various food production and packaging companies in R&D, quality, production, and laboratory/analysis units. In 2007, she started to work in the Foreign Patent Department of a leading intellectual property consultancy company in Turkey, and in 2009 she passed the patent and trademark attorneyship exams and received the title of Patent and Trademark Attorney. During this period, she became specialised in plant species transactions and foreign patent transactions. Later, she started working in the patent department until 2011 where she acted as a proxy and manager for thousands of files in the foreign transactions department until 2019.

During this period, she completed the “Practice Intern – Working with Examiners” program organized by the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich in 2014. Currently, she is preparing for the EQE exam and is a candidate for European Patent Attorney.

During this period, she became specialized in trademark objections, EP validity procedures, patent infringement analysis and FTO reports, and took part in the legal department and the follow-up of clients’ cases and the preparation of technical opinion reports. She also took part in the domestic and international industrial property processes of many foreign companies originating in Germany, America, Japan and Korea, and represented companies she worked for as both a participant and a speaker at international conferences. She is also a sworn translator.

Since 2019, he has been working as a Patent and Trademark Attorney at NAZALI and has been providing consultancy on intellectual property and R&D issues. In this context, she is also the leader of the team that handles the realization, execution, monitoring and renewal of domestic and foreign clients’ industrial property applications, as well as the establishment of an R&D/Design Centre and sustainability.

She works on raising awareness of colleagues who want to contribute to the development of the profession of Patent and Trademark Law and specialize in this field. She as articles published in various domestic and foreign journals on plant species and copyrights.