Sümeyye ZULLO

Corporate Finance Partner

Sümeyye Zullo has extensive experience in Corporate Finance where she has been working as a Financial Advisor since 2004. During her career she completed many company valuations, intangible asset valuations (such as trademark, customer relationship, technology and patents), sell-side and buy-side financial advisory, spin-offs,mergers, IPOs, bond offerings, and privatizations.

She was born in 1980 in Trabzon and graduated from Rutgers University, School of Business, with a double degree in Finance and Economics in 2004. Sumeyye began her career as a financial advisor in the Transaction Services department of Ernst & Young in New York. Over a three year period as a senior analyst, her responsibilities includedcompany and intangible asset valuationsfrom different sectors and regions in the US.

In January 2007, she joined KPMG Turkey’s Corporate Finance department as an Assistant Manager and continued to manage company valuations.She was the first employee in the Corporate Finance department of KPMG Turkey and therefore she took a very active role in the establishment of the department and client portfolio. She completed valuations of small to large companies and holdings based in Turkey. She also worked on mergers and spin-offs of companies and holdings from various sectors in Turkey.She also managed sell-side and buy-side financial advisory projects.

Sümeyye joined Industrial Development Bank of Turkey (‘’TSKB’’) in September 2011 as the head of Strategic Financial Consultancy department.In addition to her previous Corporate Finance experiences, she managed several IPO and Bond transactions. She also worked on Privatization projects as the sell-side advisory of the Government.

Since December 2017, Sümeyye has continued her career in Corporate Finance at NAZALI.