Sports Law and Management

With our extensive knowledge and our network, as NAZALI we actively serve in both the legal and administrative fields of the sports industry. We provide services to our local and international customers/clients in a range of sports areas such as football, basketball, volleyball, boxing, athletics, and online sports.


In this context, we have a diverse client portfolio including sports clubs, sports organizations, players, managers, coaches, commercial sponsors and partners, sports broadcasters, and marketing agencies. We offer consultancy services in sports law and sports management.


Sports Law Services

  • Provide legal support in all areas of sports
  • Prepare basic laws, internal rules, and regulations of sports clubs and organizations
  • Resolve legal disputes related to contract, financial, disciplinary, and doping matters
  • Represent individuals and organizations in sports-related legal disputes before FIFA Player Status Committee and Dispute Resolution Committee, FIFA Disciplinary and Ethics Committees, the UEFA and TFF Judiciary Committees, disciplinary committees, the Sports Arbitration Board (CAS) and other relevant bodies.
  • Represent professional football clubs and players in disciplinary committee processes and appeals
  • Negotiate employment, player transfer, image rights, sponsorships and partnerships, national and international sports organizations, friendly matches, and training camps, and prepare contracts and all other required documents
  • Prepare exclusive powers in relation to player representation, draft agency agreements
  • Negotiate and prepare contracts for commission agreements
  • Represent athletes and coaches in proceedings and investigations related to doping allegations
  • Advise teams and clubs on doping policy and procedures
  • Provide consultancy services to football clubs on their compliance with the UEFA Club License Regulation
  • Advise athletes and sports organizations on tax law and system
  • Advise sports clubs and federations on stadium construction, maintenance, use and sponsorship
  • Provide intellectual property services to athletes, sports clubs, and international organizations including the use and protection of image rights, trademarks and licensing


Our Sports Management Services

  • Provide services to sports clubs and organizations in marketing, sponsorship, organization, partnership, globalization, fan interaction, player screening and other issues
  • Devise club organizational structures
  • Determine and execute short and long-term global strategies to be implemented in promising global markets for sports clubs
  • Support sports clubs in their search for global sponsorship
  • Advise on the establishment of international club partnerships in infrastructure development, coach development, player screening activities and other issues
  • Establish educational partnerships between sports clubs and institutes or universities
  • Establish international partnerships between sports clubs and international sports academies
  • Organize friendly matches and summer tours
  • Provide consultancy services on the realization of international club sales
  • Support the provision of international player search links for sports clubs