Social Security and Labor Law

In all developed and developing countries, one of the biggest factors contributing to development is the participation and employment of people in the workforce. In this context, it is of great importance for employers to have a good grasp of social security and labour law legislation in recruitment and post-hire processes. Changes that occur frequently in Social Security Law necessities using services of experts in order to closely follow processes and ensure compliance.

Social Security and Labour Law is based on a tripartite relationship between the employer, Social Security Institution, and the employee. While Social Security Law generally focuses on the relations and processes between the employer and administrative authorities, Labour Law focuses on the employer-employee relationship. In addition, both branches of law have organic ties with each other.

As NAZALI, we assist our clients Social Security Law processes and provide support. We become involved in legal audits at every stage of the relationship between the employer and the employee and provide legal support to our clients in litigation and consultancy.

Our Social Security Law Services;

  • Litigation in social security law disputes
  • Legal support and consultancy for proceedings to be submitted to courts
  • Social security law consultancy and training services
  • Social security law auditing and reporting services
  • Training, consultancy, and information services for the principal employer-subcontractor relationship
  • Establishment, management, and inspection services of subcontractor tracking systems
  • Services for obtaining a certificate of non-attachment in construction and tendered works
  • Determination and reporting of the minimum labour rate in construction and contracted works
  • Consultancy services in case of workplace registration or transfer
  • Follow-up social security legislation incentives and consultancy services
  • Retirement processes and consultancy services on retirement
  • Consultancy services regarding employment and permits of foreign personnel
  • Consultancy services related to obtaining a residence permit

Our Labour Law Services;

  • Consultation and auditing services
  • Labour Law practices
  • International workforce employment
  • Union processes and collective bargaining agreements
  • Maritime Labour Law application
  • Press Labour Law application
  • Service contracts under the Turkish Code of Obligations
  • Provide legal opinions on labour law matters within the scope of the legislation and the jurisprudence of the Turkish Supreme Court
  • Audit activity to reveal the current status of the Client in the areas of employment relations and employment structure within the framework of the inspection practice carried out by the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Services inspectors
  • Form opinions from relevant administrative institutions and organizations in order to minimize the risk for the Client in matters that are not clearly regulated in the legislation and are open to different opinions and comments; and ensuring that all alternatives are delivered to the Client in writing in accordance with the labour law legislation before the final decision,
  • Actively follow-up and manage all legal processes for cases submitted to civil and administrative tribunals
  • Other relevant services for processes related to the Social Security Institution and civil/administrative jurisdictions
  • Evaluate legal aspects of recruitment processes and prepare and revise related documents regarding labour law,
  • Review prepared contracts from a legal point of view
  • Audit employee personnel files and ensure compliance with regulations
  • Audit internal regulations of corporations, eliminate deficiencies and ensure compliance with regulations
  • Manage annulments of employment relations and provide consultancy
  • Create solution plans for the issues and deficiencies in labour law
  • Provide legal advisory service in the preparation and updating of the documents regarding labour law, report legal opinions on the documents to be prepared by the client such as minutes, written warnings and termination notice that will be submitted to the employees, inform the client in writing and verbally about the issues that the employer shall pay attention in accordance with the labour law legislation, review the correspondences and other documents related to the Provincial Directorate of Labour and Employment Agency to be prepared by the client and give legal opinion regarding the same
  • Review workplace internal regulations by considering the content and procedure