Share Transfer - Family Constitution

NAZALI reviews share transfer agreements within the framework of competition law, intellectual property law, labour law, real estate law, and legislation and practices related to the sector in which the client company operates, conducts negotiations, prepares and revises contracts, obtains necessary permits, performs all necessary procedures from the beginning of the transfer process to completion, provides consultancy services, and executes processes related to the resolution of disputes arising from share transfer agreements in court and arbitration.

NAZALI also reviews shareholders agreements, provides consultancy on these issues, and resolves disputes arising from shareholders’ agreements before the court and arbitration. In this framework, by evaluating the direct and indirect effects of the shareholders’ agreement on the partnership and its reflection in the articles of association, we make arrangements regarding the organization and the legal structure of the partnership in line with the will of the shareholders, perform transfer of the powers of the board of directors to the general assembly, establish mechanisms regarding the sanctions to be envisaged in case the shareholders do not comply with their obligations, and manage issues regarding share transfer limitations and possible situations that may be encountered.