Share Purchase Agreements and Corporate Guidelines

Nazalı provides services by consulting the companies, evaluating the current situations in the light of updated regulations, carrying out possible negotiations and also preparing, overhauling the related agreements  about Share Transfer Agreements in the field of; coservicempetition law, intellectual property law, labor law, real estate law, environment law and all the other related sectors that the company takes part.

Nazalı also provides services to the companies regarding to prepare, revise and give consultation about Stockholders’ Agreement and if any pursuing the cases that take places in the courtshaving a course in arbitration in the field of Obligations Law and Trade Law. Within this scope, Nazalı evaluates the all effects that Stockholders’ Agreement have directlyindirectly on the main agreement, organizes the organizational and legal structure of shareholders and also set up a substructure regarding to possible delegation of board of directors, restriction of the assignment of share and measures to take in the case of conflicts about shareholders responsibilities.