Services Regarding Financial Disputes (Tax,Customs)

We provide advisory and litigation services to our clients about any tax, social security and customs related disputes.

Our aim is to put ourselves into your place and provide support by finding the most appropriate legal solutions with same sense of responsibility. Our services cover not only providing an opinion, but also negotiation and communication with relevant people in order to solve the problems of our clients.

The most frequently encountered disputes about which we have extensive knowledge and experience and the services we provide regarding such disputes are given below:

• Adjustment and Complaint in Tax Errors
• Declaration by Reservation and Litigation
• Tax Investigation Advisory
• Tax Ruling Applications and Process Management
• Representation of Client in Report Evaluation Commissions
• Representation of Client in Settlements that Take Place Before and After Assessment
• Precautionary Distraint and Accrual
• Litigations related to Tax Penalties as per Article 359 of Tax Procedural Law (Tax Criminal Law)
• Tax Litigation
• Customs Litigation and Representation of Client in Customs Settlements
• Customs Audit
• Customs Investigation Advisory
• Process Management in Customs Transactions
• Social Security Litigation
• Social Security Investigation Advisory
• Representation of Client in Social Security Settlements