Services of Industrial Relations and Union Process Management

Industrial relations that emerged after the Industrial Revolution, brought forward a culture of collective bargaining and syndicalism as a result of economic activities in our information society. The effects of the collective bargaining system on income distribution, the share of wages in domestic income, and productivity have become important indicators in the growth rate of the economy and development in social justice as well as determining welfare levels of society.


Trade unions are worker and employer organizations that primarily seek to promote the interests and well-being of their members. While the labour unions aim to be the voice of the motions and demands of employees, employers’ unions aim to produce policies on behalf of member workplaces against labour unions in order to ensure sustainable continuation of economic activities of employers.


Economic expectations of unions, especially on wages, have expanded with the demands of social rights and fringe benefits. On the other hand, employers consider wages and other benefits as a package while making competitive and value creation decisions and aim for balanced and realistic policies together with other expense items.


With these improvements, young labour force, surpluses in labour force excluding employments, world trade, globalization policies and our position as a developing country are main factors that make industrial relations more complicated. NAZALI provides consultancy and process follow-up services on the adaptation of working life to industrial relations within the framework of the Labour Law No. 4857 as well as providing consultancy on the following issues before union processes in the conduct of employee and employer relations and conduct collective bargaining taking into account the Law on Unions and Collective Bargaining No. 6356;

  • Prepare work and cost analyses before union process, inform the management and determine policies
  • Ensure work peace and economic sustainability in workplaces
  • Position employee costs as a cost item compatible with the operating budget through clear and transparent policies
  • Create social policies in worker-employer relations


NAZALI provides consultancy services for collective bargaining agreements to be signed by labour unions with employers as and when the union processes start in the employee-employer relations and follows the process before competent authorities on behalf of the employer both during the determination of the authorization of the unions and after and attends negotiations personally when deemed necessary and requested. NAZALI provides the following services within the scope of union processes:

  • Negotiate with the union
  • Make necessary objections about union authorization applications and follow the legal process
  • Participate in collective bargaining negotiations as a moderator and/or negotiator
  • Generate analytical solutions in collective bargaining process management
  • Industrial and legal consultancy in disputes with the union

Crowning the union process consultancy with its team of lawyers and experts in industrial relations, NAZALI serves to ensure the permanent balance of interests and obtains predictable outputs with sustainable policies for the party it represents from the beginning of the process to the conclusion of the collective bargaining stage and its signing.