Services of Industrial Relations and Union Process Management

Industrial relations, which came into existence after industrial revolution, have driven forward collective bargaining and syndicalism as a result of economy in our information society.

The effects of collective bargaining system on income distribution, percentage of charges in domestic income and productivity had become an important factor in reflecting the growth rate of economy, determining the welfare rate of society and providing development within social justice.

Unions are labor and employer organizations which mainly aim to protect the benefits of its members and improve the welfare levels of them. Labor unions seek to be the voice of labors for reflecting their choices and requests where employer unions aim to develop policies against labor unions on behalf of member workplaces in order to maintain their economic activities sustainably.

Economic expectancies of unions, especially the expectations on wages, are extended by presentation of social rights and fringe benefits today. On the other hand, employers, in their sustained business lives, think wage and fringe benefits together as a pack with other expense items while giving decisions on competition and value creation and aim to gain balanced and realistic policies.

Besides all these improvements, young labor force, surpluses in labor force other than employments, world trade, globalization policies and our position as a developing country make industrial relations more complicated.

NAZALI, providing services of follow-up of procedure and counselling on adaptation of business life in to industrial relations within the scope of Labor Act no. 4857, provide services on the below-mentioned aspects of union processes of labor relations and enforcement of collective bargaining within the scope of not only Labor Act no. 4857 but also Act No. 6356 on Trade Unions and Collective Labour Agreements;

  • Supply and economic sustenance of labor peace in workplaces
  • Governing labor expenses with clear and transparent policies, disapproving the title ‘expense item’ for them,
  • Production of analytical solutions in collective bargaining processes
  • Production of social policies in labor relations
    In labor relations

NAZALI, providing beforehand counselling services for collective labor agreements between unions and employers in the case union processes have already begun, follow-up the process on behalf of employers before competent authorities both when unions are authorized and the upcoming procedures occur. NAZALI provides following services within the context of union processes,

  • Cost and business analysis before union process, disclosure to management and determining of policies
  • Negotiating with the union
  • Necessary actions for objections related to the authority of the unions and follow up of judicial process
  • Participation to collective bargaining meetings
  • Counselling on disputes encountered with the union