General Coordinator

Sertan Şenpınar specializes in sales, marketing, and business development based on his professional experiences. He created and managed large teams in the sales and marketing fields of various sectors. During his 15 years of professional experience, he created sales structures from scratch and raised them to the highest level of their sectors. During his work life starting in customer services, he was assigned in various job definitions such as post-sales support, sales management, direct sales channels management, and regional management. During his 15 year professional experience, he has been engaged in sales leadership for 12 years, when he has specialized in sales and marketing processes for ten years at a directing level. He gained strong and various experiences by managing different processes in 6 different sectors. Sertan Şenpınar is highly acquainted and experienced in many sales and marketing aspects, specifically in call centers, telesales, direct sales, corporate sales, advanced sales, marketing, and business development.

After graduating from university in 2005, he worked initially in telesales, then as a special customer manager in an international logistics company. Afterwards, he worked as direct sales channels manager in finance sector, initially as a central manager and then regional manager in a global structure in service sector, which is one of the most aggressive sales structures in the world, in the direct sales channels manager position in the global structure of information sector, as a sales manager in a company engaged in e-transformation sector, and as a sales manager in one of the globally leading companies in logistics. As of March 2018, he worked initially as a sales manager and has been working as a general manager of sales and marketing in an institution, operating in the human resources field.


Sertan Şenpınar, achievements and awards;

World Champion of 1998 TUBITAK Intelligence Olympics

European Champion and World 3rd Place in 1999 Global Chess Olympics

Marmara University Faculty of Communication 1st Place (2001 – 2005)

“World Sales Champion” among 400 sales managers in the most aggressive sales structure of the world

World Sales Leader Award among 200 sales managers in global logistics player