Partner, Outsourcing Services - Accounting & Payroll, CPA, Ind. Auditor

Serap Geyik specializes in accounting and payroll and earned her financial advisory license in 2010. She is deeply knowledgeable and experienced in a range of areas including general and cost accounting, human resources payroll processes, financial analysis, budget and management reporting, tax returns, export and investment incentives, and software departments, including development and process management.

Upon completing her undergraduate education in 2006, she worked in the accounting, finance and reporting departments of local and international companies operating in the fields of production, tourism and software, design, and retail.

In 2014, she established the Outsourcing Services [Accounting-Payroll-Financial Incentives] department as CPA in NAZALI. She became a partner in 2022. Geyik develops accounting and payroll services and manages our ERP project created specifically for HR and Payroll within the scope of digitalization. In addition, she also provides consultancy on export incentives, tourism and service industry incentives, especially investment incentives. She manages the incentive department by considering the balance between the private sector and the public and contributes to the creation of reference projects.

In addition to the certificates of participation in many seminars and trainings, Serap Geyik She has a certificate of success for the “Project Preparation and Management” and the “Brand / Turquality Expertise and Vision” program organized by Istanbul Technical University for 80 hours.