Labor Law Director, Attorney at Law

Nazif Karatas works on compliance process of companies in terms of labour law, labour contracts and workplace regulations. In addition to the compliance process, he also works on process management in terms of labour law. At the same time he continues to work on international labour force employment, maritime labour law enforcement and trade union processes.

He completed his law education between the years of 1997-2001 at Marmara University, Faculty of Law. Then he studied his master between 2006-2008 years in Marmara University, Department of Public Law in Social Sciences Institute and his thesis is based on “Malfeasance in Office”. Afterwards, he started his PhD. Recently, he continues his thesis study whose subject is “Extradition of Criminals” at Public Law Department, Social Sciences Institute of Marmara University.

Additionally he had served as “conciliator” in İstanbul Court of Justice for a year. He also had took part as educator in various organizations in the fields of “Constitution Law, Labour Law and Criminal Law”.

Nazif KARATAŞ is married and father of one child.