Director, HR Incentives Department

Mazlum Koldaş, is an expert of ISKUR incentives, support and projects. He worked as an ISKUR project manager for eight years. He has considerable knowledge in vocational training courses (MEK), vocational training and skills development cooperation protocol (MEGIP), labour market analysis (IPA), applied entrepreneurship training (UGE) and on-the-job training programs (IEP) in many different professions for companies operating in different sectors such as healthcare, merchandising, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, aviation and retail.

After graduating from university, he provided training to more than 500 entrepreneur candidates in Applied Entrepreneurship Trainings, which were financed by ISKUR and KOSGEB, with the aim of helping entrepreneur candidates gain knowledge and experience about starting and running a business and preparing a business model for business ideas.

In his professional life, he worked for 3 years as a Project Specialist in the Project Department of a company that provides consultancy on applied entrepreneurship trainings, vocational training courses and labour market analysis at ISKUR. Afterwards, he worked in different positions for about 6 years in a consultancy firm that provides on-the-job training programs (IEP), vocational training courses and cooperation courses.

Mazlum, took part in the project teams of the labour market analysis study prepared for Denizli by Denizli ISKUR Provincial Directorate in 2011, prepared for Hakkari by Hakkari ISKUR Provincial Directorate in 2012, and prepared for Kars province by Serhat Development Agency in 2013 and he managed the field operations within the scope of the project and contributed to preparation of the final reports.