Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual Property Rights

NAZALI offers a complete service on IP via its experienced team consisting of Attorneys at Law, Patent and Trademark Attorneys and Engineers from various disciplines. The main services it offers in this context are listed below.

Patent / Utility Model

Drafting patents and utility models in Turkish and English, national/international/overseas filing, EPC validation, patent & technology search and monitoring, advice on patentability

EPC Validation

Our inhouse translators and patent attorneys work together for best quality Turkish translations to be filed at the TURKPATENT. We have great experience in this field with our esteemed clients from various areas of technology.


National, international and regional filings, oppositions to the publications and defence against ex-officio TR provisional refusals to international registrations at WIPO

National and international trademark renewal processes


National/International design renewal processes

Plant Breeders Rights (PBR/PVR)

Preparing and filing PBR applications at the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, post grant proceedings, conduct payment of annual fees and monitor the PBR bulletins 

Custom Protection

Preparing and filing custom protection applications at the Ministry of Trade for recording intellectual and industrial property rights at the custom’s registry, conducting renewal applications of the same, and providing communication between the Customs Directorate and the proprietor in case detection of infringing goods at the customs


Consulting on copyright protection and filing voluntary copyright registration application before the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Domain Names

Registration and prosecution of domain names, further enforcement proceedings, and consultation on the same


Translating by in-house translators of IP related documents, patents and legal documents, editing and proofreading

IP Portfolio Management

Monitoring the IP assets within the portfolio and conduct payments of renewals and annuities in timely manner, performing assignments and recordal of licenses at the registry


Consulting and drafting contracts and license agreements between the parties, conduct recordal of agreements at the TURKPATENT

Search and Monitoring

Prior art searches for inventions, identical or similarity searches with legal opinion for trademarks, trademark investigation and conducting reports for evidence of use, trademark monitoring in Turkey and globally, monitoring design bulletin monthly


Contacting the proprietor/representative of IP registration(s) to be purchased, provide communication between the parties until they come to a consensus and resolving the dispute

FTO & Infringement Analysis

Conducting freedom to operate for patents and products, infringement analysis for patents and designs

Enforcement and Litigation

Legal advice on enforcement and litigation of IP, conducting infringement, non-use and cancellation actions, representation of clients for oppositions against the publications or office decisions

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