Independent Audit

Audit plays a key role in the reliability of both companies and the financial system. Audit should occur in accordance with the fast-evolving corporate reporting environment shaped by the 24/7 review of company information, including non-financial information, taking into account the scepticism of stakeholders (investors, partners, management, creditors, administration, employees, non-governmental organizations, etc.).

While providing independent auditing service, our goal is to provide an objective opinion on the compliance and accuracy of the annual financial statements and other financial information, which will be disclosed to the public and/or requested by the relevant boards or prepared for their own savings within the framework of various purposes, with the TMS/TFRS-BOBI FRS.

As NAZALI, we apply all independent audit techniques stipulated and required by international independent auditing standards in order to obtain sufficient and appropriate independent audit evidence that will provide reasonable assurance, and we carry out audit studies and evaluations through book records and documents. As a result, the audited financial statements are associated with the individual or consolidated report. In addition to auditing the financial statements, our risk, process and technologies team helps company management make decisions based on the best information.


Our services;

  • Independent audit services
  • Independent limited review services
  • Compliance audit services with pre-agreed procedures
  • Financial accounting consultancy services
  • Irregularity investigation and dispute consultancy services