Fatih UZUN

Customs and Foreign Trade Partner Customs Broker, F. Customs Inspector

Fatih UZUN who is consultant and partner of our office at the area of customs and foreign trade law, is an expert on customs and foreign trade. He has begun his public sector experience as Assistant Tax Inspector in 2004 in The Ministry of Finance and finalised it as Customs Inspector in 2017 in and has served as a Customs Inspector more than 11 years in The Ministry of Customs and Trade.

He has conducted many inspections, audits and investigations regarding customs, foreign trade law and fraud so he has extensive experience both on theoretical and practical aspects of these issues.

He has graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Political Sciences. Between 2012-2014, he has completed his Master of Science in the major of Multinational Commerce in Boston University in Massachusetts, USA. He is currently working on his PhD in Management and Organization in Istanbul University, Business Administration Department.

He has published many articles regarding customs and foreign trade law and its practises in various journals and web sites and also has participated as an instructor in training programmes in Yıldız Technical University and Academy of Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants regarding Customs and Foreign Trade Law and Its Practises.

Fatih UZUN, who gains expert knowledge in field of “Customs Value”, has very good command of English.

Published Books

1-Foreign Trade Procedures and Practises of Bookkeepings Turkmen Bookstore, 2013

2-Customs Fines in 125 Questions Dunya, 2015 

3- Customs, Foreign Trade, Cambium Question Bank and Answers for Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant Exam, 2019