Payroll Manager

Eyyüp Pişirici has knowledge and experience in all matters related to legislation and technical/wage-based practices related to payroll and personnel transactions. Particularly, the Labour and Social Security Law, Income Tax Law, program transition and configuration, system development areas are the main subjects on which he has knowledge and experience.

After completing his undergraduate education, he started his business life in Turkey’s leading retail company in 2003 and gained experience in the aviation and health sectors.

During his 17 years of professional life, he took part in all roles of Human Resources departments such as payroll, personnel, budget and reporting processes, and actively used SAP HR, Uyumsoft HR, Nebim Winner, PDKS Soft and Meyer programs.

He has been working as a manager in the Outsourcing Services-Payroll department at NAZALI since 2021. He carries out tasks such as technical payroll, reporting, system and team development and provides consultancy services to our customers.