Dispute Resolution and Arbitration

NAZALI provides rational solutions to its clients by identifying all the risks that may arise in order to resolve a legal dispute before it is brought to the judicial stage. In cases where the judicial process cannot be prevented, we provide a complete defence and consultancy service at every stage of the litigation process to solve the legal dispute in the most favourable way. NAZALI also provides representation and consultancy services to its clients in arbitration proceedings.


Dispute prevention services:

Our dispute resolution team focuses mainly on commercial litigation issues and has extensive experience in providing a wide range of legal assistance in the prevention of disputes and resolving issues before the parties are brought to trial to leading businesses operating both in Turkey and abroad.

Our approach is to help clients avoid litigation whenever possible and seek to develop prophylactic measures to prevent disputes from arising in the first place or shape a favourable outcome of litigation if and when they arise whether by identifying problematic business practices during dispute resolution or by preparing documents in advance. We also offer retainer services for compliance and regulatory advice.


Dispute resolution:

Our lawyers collaborate with clients and their counterparts to identify and execute the most advantageous business-oriented solutions, either by pursuing or by defending in litigation and arbitration proceedings. When litigation is unavoidable, we discuss objectives with our clients and assess legal, commercial, and reputational risks associated with a potential dispute. With our expert team, we move forward on a basis tailored to our clients’ business needs. We are the only law firm in Turkey that can provide a superior level of tax and legal assistance with a highly qualified group of tax and legal professionals.

We have extensive experience and expertise across key industry sectors including but not limited to construction, manufacturing, financial services, infrastructure, insurance, retail, telecommunication, electronics, real estate, informatics, packaging, automotive, and tourism in their high profile and complex litigation, tax disputes and white-collar crime matters. We assist our clients in the following matters:

  • Corporate and commercial disputes
  • Banking and financial services litigation
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments and arbitral awards
  • IT and communications disputes
  • Investment and joint venture disputes
  • Compliance and regulatory cases
  • Restructuring and debt recovery services
  • Energy disputes
  • Life sciences related disputes