Dispute Prevention – Dispute Resolution Services

Along with a skilled staff composed of highly qualified litigators, NAZALI is providing dispute prevention services and representing its clients in various complex and cross border commercial disputes of large amount. We are involved in potential disputes from the very earliest stage and by assessing the risk, we provide our clients with early advice to avoid costly litigation.


Dispute prevention services:

Our dispute resolution team which is largely focusing on commercial litigation matters is having extensive experience in providing legal assistance to leading businesses, operating both in Turkey and abroad, in all aspects of preventing disputes and resolving issues before the parties go to trial. Our approach is to help clients avoiding litigation if possible and whether by identifying problematic business practices in the course of dispute resolution or preparing documentation in advance, we attempt to develop prophylactic measures to prevent disputes from arising in the first instance or to shape favorable outcomes of those disputes if and when they do arise. We also offer retainer services for compliance and regulatory advice on a daily basis.  


Dispute resolution:

Our lawyers collaborate with clients and their counterparts to identify and execute the most advantageous business-oriented solutions, either by pursuing or by defending in litigation and arbitration proceeding. When litigation is unavoidable, we discuss with our clients their objectives and assess the legal, commercial and reputational risks associated with the potential dispute. We proceed on a basis which is tailored to our client’s business needs thanks to the expertise and experience of our team. We are the unique law firm in Turkey capable to provide both high-level tax and legal assistance to its clients through highly qualified tax and legal professionals representing our clients in all their litigation matters before the courts.

We have wide range experience and expertise across the key industry sectors including, without limitation, construction, manufacturing, financial services, infrastructure, insurance, retail, telecommunication, electronics, real estate, informatics, packaging, automotive and tourism in their high profile and complex litigation, tax disputes and white-collar crime matters and mainly assist our clients in the following:

  • Corporate and commercial disputes
  • Banking and Financial services litigation
  • Recognition and enforcement of foreign court judgments and arbitral awards,
  • IT and Communications disputes
  • Investment and joint venture disputes,
  • Compliance and regulatory cases,
  • Restructuring and debt recovery services.
  • Energy disputes
  • Life sciences related disputes