Director for Holland

Demet Karatay Yeşilöz is experienced and specializes in Dutch Law.

After completing her master’s degree in Public Law and International Law, she worked as a Lawyer at the department Enforcement for the Province of South Holland in The Hague in 2000. After working for 2 years at Province of South Holland, she worked as a legal advisor at the enforcement and permits department of the municipality of the Hague in 2002.

After returning to Turkey in 2012, she completed her equivalence for her law degree at Istanbul University.

Demet completed her legal internship, and she works as an Attorney at Law registered with the Istanbul Bar Association. Demet Karatay Yeşilöz handles national and international affairs.

She has been working as a Lawyer in the corporate world as of 2016. She has joined Nazali as a director of the Netherlands Desk in September 2019.