Competition Law and Compliance Consultancy

Competition law is a set of rules and jurisprudence that regulates the economic field with the aim of protecting competitive functioning and manages relations between market actors and market behaviours. The Turkish Competition Authority reviews all practices and behaviours that affect competition in the markets within the geographical boundaries of Turkey.

Three basic functions in Competition Law are;

  1. Identification, prohibition, and punishment of agreements that distort competition between companies,
  2. Supervising behaviour of companies with dominant position (market power) in markets they operate in, and detecting, prohibiting, and penalizing anti-competitive behaviours, and
  3. Investigation of mergers and acquisitions and determination of transactions creating a dominant position, prohibiting, or granting conditional permissions.


NAZALI provides a wide range of attorney and legal consultancy services to clients on matters such as assessment of merger and acquisition from the viewpoint of Competition Law, makes required submissions to the Turkish Competition Authority, and represents clients in investigations conducted by the Turkish Competition Authority and other judicial bodies. We also provide consultancy services to ensure legal security in our clients’ relations with the Competition Authority, compliance of companies with competition law and minimize competition law risks independently of the Competition Authority processes.


Our Services;

  • Provide legal consultancy services in investigations and reviews carried out by the Turkish Competition Authority
  • Prepare and submit merger and acquisition applications to the Competition Authority
  • Conduct evaluations in coordination with the company and draft exemption and negative clearance applications to the Competition Authority within the scope of the optional exemption and negative clearance regime
  • Represent clients before the Competition Authority in the processes listed above and manage all written and verbal communication
  • Draft and implement antitrust compliance programs in line with internal culture and operations of the company, and within this scope;
    • Similar to the examinations of the Competition Authority, conduct on-site examinations in physical and electronic environments of companies with IT support and related keywords and report the results to company senior management and legal units
    • Evaluate compliance of actions taken by companies (application, behaviour, contract, protocol, horizontal-vertical cooperation) to the Turkish Competition Law and determine risks
  • Provide consultancy on solutions in accordance with the Competition Law in response to these risks
  • Examine business processes, human resources, and organizational structure of companies, prepare necessary institutional arrangement proposals to ensure compliance with the Competition Law
  • Conduct Competition Law trainings specific to markets in which companies operate
  • Represent clients in administrative lawsuits to be filed against Competition Board decisions
  • Represent clients in private law compensation cases to be filed pursuant to Competition Authority decisions
  • Take Competition Law initiatives for investigations and applications affecting the represented company
  • Take proactive Competition Law steps if it concerns the general interest of the represented company
  • Provide consultancy and legal consultancy services to clients in investigations and investigations carried out in international competition law processes, and merger and acquisition applications