Capital Markets Board of Turkey and Banking Crimes

Some erroneous transactions within the scope of banking activities, which have a very complex structure, also constitute a crime. In this context, as NAZALI, we provide services to our clients regarding the following crimes outlined within the scope of the Banking Law No. 5411;

  • Engaging in unauthorized banking activities
  • Blocking the rights of deposit and participation fund owners
  • Not taking corrective, remedial, and restrictive measures
  • Not providing the information and documents requested by competent authorities and inspection officers, and preventing them from performing their duties
  • Violating the obligation to keep documents
  • Making a false statement
  • Derecognition of transactions and unrealistic accounting
  • Blocking, corrupting, destroying, or modifying the system
  • Defamation, disclosure of secrets, and embezzlement, and information abuse similar to the crimes in the Banking Law and included in the Capital Markets Law No. 6362
  • Market fraud
  • Illegal public offering and unauthorized capital market activity
  • Abuse of trust and fraud
  • Failure to provide information and documents
  • Obstruction of audit, irregularity in legal books, accounting records and financial statements and reports
  • Disclosure of confidential information