Capital Markets Board of Turkey and Banking Crimes

A number of erroneous transactions within the scope of banking activities, which involve a complex structure at every stage of our life, also carry a criminal character. Within this scope, NAZALI provides all kinds of services to the clients included in the Banking Law numbered 5411 such as Prevention of the rights of depositors and participation fund owners, taking corrective, remedial and restrictive measures to not giving the necessary information and documents required by the competent authorities and supervisory officials and to prevent them from performing their duties, Action contrary to the obligation to hide the documents, Misappropriationalteration of the system, Similar crimes in the Banking Law, which are listed in the Capital Markets Law no. 6362 such as disclosure of secrets and embezzlement crimes, as well as unlawful discrimination of transactions and unreasonable accounting of transactions, disturbance of system, destruction, Exploitation of information and confidential information in the financial books and reports, accounting records and financial statements and reports, misrepresentation of information, misuse of public funds and unauthorized capital market activity, abuse of information and forgery, abandonment of information and documents.