Capital Markets and Financial Law

NAZALI has a close working relationship with financial regulatory authorities such as Capital Markets Board of Turkey, Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, Borsa İstanbul A.Ş. and the Central Bank of Turkey and has been providing extensive consultancy services to its clients in all areas of capital markets and financial law with its experienced lawyers who previously served as experts at the Capital Markets Board of Turkey and gained experience in the private sector. 

Share Markets and Public Offerings

  • Prepare prospectuses for domestic and foreign public offerings and provide legal opinions on related legislation in Turkey
  • Form legal opinions requested by the Stock Exchange Istanbul and the Capital Markets Board
  • Provide legal counselling services on Rule 144A and Regulation S and practices for local issuers willing to provide financing through foreign IPOs
  • Prepare and submit documents required for public offerings
  • Provide comprehensive legal advice to issuers and investment institutions and provide underwriting services for public offerings.


Debt Instruments Markets

  • Prepare requited documentation and application files for issuance of debt instruments
  • Review board of directors and general assembly meetings issuer minutes, provide legal opinions, and prepare related resolutions within the scope of issuance of debt instruments
  • Prepare applications for approval of CMB, BIST, and CRA.


Disputes Concerning Securities, Banking and Finance Law

  • Provide advisory services on penalties, fines and execution of transactions and all legal disputes related to banking and finance law including lawsuits filed by shareholders, penalties imposed within the scope of Capital Markets Law and related regulations
  • Provide comprehensive counselling services for all criminal proceedings under the Capital Markets Law criminal complaints and follow criminal cases and financial investigations
  • Represent clients during company-related disputes such as breach of contract, corruption, fraud, and action in tort.
  • Provide legal counselling services to banks and other regulated financial institutions and publicly traded companies for all white-collar crimes including, but not limited to, banking and capital market offences.