Head of Sports Law Department, Lawyer

Anıl Dincer specialises in sports law and sports management. He, who worked as a sports lawyer for four years is an expert and has considerable knowledge in preparation of the contracts including Employment, Transfer, Representation, Partnership, Sponsorship and the representation of sports clubs, players and player representatives before sports bodies such as CAS, FIFA, UEFA, TFF. 

After graduating from university in 2016, he worked as a counsel at a leading law firm in the Turkish sports industry and provided legal service to well-known Turkish football clubs. As of September 2018, he received his master’s degree in MSc Sports Business and Management at the University of Liverpool, and he has been well educated about various disciplines of the sports management such as sports operations and events, sports marketing and sponsorships, sports economics, and the internationalization of the football clubs. Following of successfully completing his master’s degree in September 2019, Anıl has worked in the Global Operations Department of Club Borussia Monchengladbach in Germany and participated in the meetings regarding the development of the club’s global expansion strategy in 2020.

Anıl Dincer, as of December 2019, started to work at the Nazali Law Company and he had a crucial role in terms of establishment of sports law department and commencement of its operation. As of today, Anıl has been providing legal service to sports clubs, players and player representatives in the field of sports law.

Anıl Dincer has attended plenty of programs, conversations and interviews regarding written and visual media and he mostly spoke about how to improve Turkish sports industry. Additionally, Anil Dincer has been writing sports analysis articles at the Anadolu Agency.